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Luiza Cintra Campos

Also known as: Campos, L.C.;Luiza Cintra Campos;Luiza C. Campos
Education: Imperial College London
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    I’m a civil and environmental engineer with a PhD by Imperial College, UK and an MSc in Water and Sanitation by University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Before moving to the UK, I worked 10 years for the water utility of Goias (SANEAGO) and another 10 years as a lecturer at the Federal University of Goias in Brazil. I’m Professor of Environmental Engineering at the UCL Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering where I’ve worked since 2007. I’m currently the head of the Water Management Research Group and Co-Director of the Centre for Urban Sustainability and Resilience. My research lies within water and sanitation with particular interest on designing, testing, implementing technologies and tools to reduce environmental pollution and enhance human health and wellbeing. I’ve participated in multidisciplinary research that involves collaborations with other disciplines such as Chemistry, Electrochemical, Microbiology, Agriculture, Biology, Social Sciences, Art, Education and Policy.


    University College London

    Civil Environmental & Geomatic Engineering

    Universidade Federal de Goiás

    Engenharia Civil


    Imperial College London, Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Goias, Civil Engineering

    Universidade de Sao Paulo Departamento de Hidraulica e Saneamento