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UCL Open: Environment, a new multi-disciplinary open scholarship journal for environment-related research.

Benefits of publishing with us

Operating dually as an open access e-journal and as a preprint server offering post-publication open peer review, UCL Open: Environment is committed to using its position and unique set of strengths to develop and disseminate original knowledge, not only for its own inherent value but also to address the significant challenges facing the world today and those that will arise in the future.

Drawing on these founding values, we want to stimulate disruptive thinking across the research landscape to showcase radical and critical thinking applied to real world problems that benefit humanity. We believe that the future of scientific and scholarly pursuit is best served by an open science agenda and fully open access publishing because knowledge should be accessible to all, regardless of location or financial means. We want to transform the way new knowledge is shared openly and without barriers.

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Open letter from the Editor-in-Chief

UCL Open: Environment – why are we doing this?

Important notice

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to many aspects of life and we are acutely aware of the additional pressures and timelines experienced by many people across the globe as a result. We are monitoring the peer review process closely and are working with reviewers and authors to maintain a speedy review process, but ask everyone involved in the process to respect the situation we are currently in. We thank everyone involved in the peer review process for their patience and efforts and to please let us know if additional time is needed by emailing the editorial office.

Special series and calls for papers

See all the current UCL Open: Environment calls for papers at https://ucl-about.scienceopen.com/calls-for-papers

Special series on the UN COP

A series and open call for papers concerned with the effects of climate change on our environment, in response to COP (UN Conference of the Parties) themes past and present.

COVID-19 and Mental Health

A miniseries of articles published from the UCL-Penn Global COVID Study, Lessons from COVID-19: Reflections, Resilience and Recovery

Water and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Call for papers to join our special series on Water and the UN Sustanable Development Goals

Community Responses to Climate Change

Call for papers and invitation to
contribute to this special series

1st International Conference on Moisture in Buildings (ICMB21) Special Series

A collection of the highest quality contributions from the ICMB21 meeting held on the 28-29th June 2021.

Special series on Covid-19 interactions with our environment

Call for paper and invitation to join our Synthetic Effort and Debate on Shaping the Future During and After the Current Pandemic.