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UCL Open: Environment Preprint

UCL Open: Environment Preprint is the pre-publication open peer review preprint server of UCL Open: Environment. Submissions to UCL Open: Environment are posted here as open access preprint articles to undergo open peer review prior to official publication.

UCL Open: Environment plans to publish a number of special or thematic series throughout the year. You can find more information about what series are currently open for submission on the journal homepage at
Below you will find the list of live and published special series.



COVID-19 interactions with our Environment

Series Editors: 
Dr Francesco Aletta, Research Associate, Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, UCL, UK
Prof Julien S Baker, Head of Department, Sport, Physical Education and Health, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Prof Dan Osborn, Chair of Human Ecology, Earth Sciences, UCL, UK


Special issue on Water and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Series Editors:
Dr Luiza Campos, Associate Professor, Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, UCL, UK
Prof Dan Osborn, Chair of Human Ecology, Earth Sciences, UCL, UK

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