UCL Open: Environment Preprint

UCL Open: Environment Preprint is the pre-publication open peer review preprint server of UCL Open: Environment. Submissions to UCL Open: Environment are posted here as open access preprint articles to undergo open peer review prior to official publication.

UCL Open Environment has moved!

UCL Press journals including UCL Open Environment have now moved website.

You will now find the journal, all publications, reviews and submission information at https://journals.uclpress.co.uk/ucloe



Click here to read current submissions under open peer review on the UCL Open: Environment preprint server.


How to submit

Authors should read through these author guidelines and notes about how to prepare a manuscript for submission, as well as the publishing policies, before submitting to the journal. Once you are ready to submit, please ensure that you have signed into MyScienceOpen with your ORCID.

Before submitting to the journal, all authors must have read and agreed to the journal’s editorial policy, found here. By submitting to the journal, you acknowledge agreement to the UCL Press Author Contributor Agreement. All decisions by the editorial team are final.




How it works

Where traditionally scholarly publication and peer review suffers from a lack of transparency, recognition and accountability, UCL Open: Environment is different. Operating dually as an open access e-journal and offering immediate publication in a dedicated preprint server, with open peer review, the entire publishing process will be accessible, transparent, accountable and fast. Find out more information on how the journal works, here.


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