Special series on COVID-19 interactions with our Environment

A UCL Open: Environment special series.

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Call for Papers and Invitation to join our Synthetic Effort and Debate on Shaping the Future during and after the current pandemic


UCL Open: Environment is opening a call for papers concerned with the effects on the environment that are and will be consequential on the societal restrictions and subsequent recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Papers may be research articles directly concerned with environmental issues (such as those linked to air quality or environmental noise or biodiversity – including its consumption or human ecology) or ones that address strategic, policy or operational matters at the interface of disease and the environment, as well as social implications of the pandemic and the environmental changes connected to it. Papers should be strongly interdisciplinary either in terms of the author’s skill sets or subject matter. Discussion and research papers are equally welcome.

We already know something about how the pandemic and the response to it is affecting the environment but we want to help draw together what is known, what is being learnt and begin that debate on the implications the pandemic has for people’s intersections with the environment and further what this might mean for the vulnerability and resilience we need to tackle the SDGs and make the world a better place.

Submission is open to anyone. For more information or to enquire about submission, please contact the Editors at uclopen.environment@ucl.ac.uk

All published articles (after peer review and editorial acceptance) in this series will be additionally indexed in PubMed Central as part of the Public Health Emergency COVID-19 Initiative.


Series Editors

Dr Francesco Aletta, Research Associate, Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, UCL, UK
Prof Julien S Baker, Head of Department, Sport, Physical Education and Health, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Prof Dan Osborn, Chair of Human Ecology, Earth Sciences, UCL, UK


The following editorial article by the Series Editors Dr Francesco Aletta and Prof Dan Osborn provides the context for this call.

Editorial: The COVID-19 global challenge and its implications for the environment – what we are learning

Authors: Dr Francesco Aletta, Prof Dan Osborn
Published: 12 May 2020 


Authors are advised to read through our preparing your manuscript information page and our publishing policies before submitting. Once you are ready to submit, please ensure that you have signed into MyScienceOpen with your ORCID ID. Further information about UCL Open: Environment can be found at ucl.scienceopen.com.


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Articles will appear in the article list as and when they are submitted and subsequently officially published after open peer review. Articles will firstly appear as preprint articles whilst under open peer review being updated when revised by the authors as requested by the series Editors.


Review for the series

If you are interested in contributing to this special series as a potential reviewer, please contact the Series Editors with a brief outline of your interest and area of expertise, to uclopen.environment@ucl.ac.uk.


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Operating dually as an open access e-journal and offering immediate publication in a dedicated preprint server, with open peer review , the entire publishing process will be accessible, transparent, accountable and fast.

Articles submitted to the journal are first posted to the preprint server to undergo open peer review, identified as not yet peer reviewed, then officially published in the UCL Open: Environment journal after editorial acceptance, thereafter being identified as an accepted article and sent for indexing. Read more about the publication process here.


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