UCL Open Environment

Volume 5
26 January 2023
UCL Open: Environment
UCL Open

Table of contents

Climate change awareness and risk perceptions in the coastal marine ecosystem of Palawan, Philippines
Mind the gap between non-activated (non-aggressive) and activated (aggressive) indoor fungal testing: impact of pre-sampling environmental settings on indoor air readings
Airborne bacterial species in indoor air and association with physical factors
Multi-spatiotemporal analysis of changes in mangrove forests in Palawan, Philippines: predicting future trends using a support vector machine algorithm and the Markov chain model
BoatNet: automated small boat composition detection using deep learning on satellite imagery
Decolonising Canadian water governance: lessons from Indigenous case studies
The influence of the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change on water use and supply: experience of Istanbul, Türkiye
A short history of the successes and failures of the international climate change negotiations
Africa and climate justice at COP27 and beyond: impacts and solutions through an interdisciplinary lens
Public opinion evaluation on social media platforms: a case study of High Speed 2 (HS2) rail infrastructure project
Communicating climate change and biodiversity loss with local populations: exploring communicative utopias in eight transdisciplinary case studies064
Supporting the capacities and knowledge of smallholder farmers in Kenya for sustainable agricultural futures: a Citizen Science pilot project065
Location location location: a carbon footprint calculator for transparent travel to the UN Climate Conference 2022066