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    Review of 'Mozambique Public investment in water and sanitation sector and the targets of the SDG6'

    Mozambique Public investment in water and sanitation sector and the targets of the SDG6Crossref
    This review has been provided by Dr. Seynabou Cisse FAYE
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    Mozambique Public investment in water and sanitation sector and the targets of the SDG6

    Many developing countries may not reach targets of providing access to safe water sources and sanitation services for all by 2030. Access to these services is a fundamental requirement for the well-being of individuals and the development of nations. A little over half of Mozambique´s population has access to safe water sources. In contrast, access to sanitation services has not kept pace with the progress made in water access. In this article, based on data from the General State Account of Mozambique, which includes the description of annual investment made by the Government and using the results of the Household Budget Surveys, it is shown that if the average percentage values of public investment of 2009 to 2021 be the same in the following years in the water and sanitation sector it will not reach the goals of sustainable objective number 6 in 2030.

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      Social & Behavioral Sciences,Economics
      Mozambique, SGD6, Access to water and Sanitation, Public Investment,Water

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      Review of:

      Mozambique Public investment in water and sanitation sector and the targets of the SDG6

      I have been asked by the Journals Coordinator to evaluate the relevant of the presented publication.

      I suggest reviewing the following points:



      1. Consider adding a brief description of on-site sanitation systems and their contribution to achieve the UN SDG 6 in the context of Mozambique and developing countries in general.



      1. Lack of methodological detail about household survey, that is data on access to water and sanitation from (IOF). If CGE reports provide data on investment, IOF must define approach for this household survey, for example include a survey sheet that could inform on statistics, on-site infrastructure, interview conducted, etc...


      2.  Explain how were the results of a survey carried out on a few households transferred to the whole country? How this was done? I think it's valid for a given district or area?


      3. Page 7 line 5: Improved latrine and improved traditional latrines in Urban and rural areas? The description of on-site-sanitation systems should be made earlier in the manuscript.


      4. Line 12: From 2009 to 2017:  more than 70% of the investment budget came from outside the State Budget. Contribution reached 91% in 2017.

      It is unclear,

      In your analyse on the trend of investment and the answer the question posed, is the private financial support taken into account?



      1. It would be more relevant to include the population growth rate in your analyse and discussion to answer the question posed.

      2. Page 9 last sentence: In case of sanitation, the scenario is more complex …..That should be defined or briefly explained


      After these comments on the substance, I would like to comment on the form of the paper:

      1.  Lack of statistics in the abstract, for example data on Mozambique population?

      2. IOF 2019/20: The exact references are not given in the bibliography.

      3. Page 8 line 6: I think is Figure number 3 and not two as you mentioned.


      General Factors Ratings

      Level of importance: 3/5

      Level of validity: 2/5

      Level of completeness: 3/5

      Level of comprehensibility: 3/5



      The area of research engages with a fundamental challenge in large African cities, the safe water supply and sanitation provision in rapidly growing, informal settlements in Africa and beyond. The research seeks to understand whether the current pace of state budget allocations to the water sector still guarantee the achievement of the objective of sustainable development nº 6 by 2030.

      My view is that there is room for improvement as noted above in my evaluation. The authors should improve the manuscript, because the methodological approach, scientific content and importance of the conclusions merit such improvement without any doubt.


      Yours sincerely,

      Dr. Seynabou Cisse FAYE


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