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    Review of 'COVID-19 & informal settlements: is Stay Home safe?'

    COVID-19 & informal settlements: is Stay Home safe?Crossref
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    COVID-19 & informal settlements: is Stay Home safe?

    Disproportional burden of COVID-19 and vulnerability to containment measures in informal settlements have been recognised, however, the role of poor housing conditions in propagating these remains neglected. Poor housing conditions will make it difficult to effectively implement social distancing measures. With increased time spent in cramped, dark and uncomfortable indoor environments, water and sanitation outside the home, and no outdoor space, higher exposure to existing health hazards and high levels of stress, with women and children most vulnerable, are anticipated. We reflect on these interconnections and recommend immediate measures and the long-term need for adequate housing for health and well-being.

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      Sustainability in architecture and the built environment,Sanitation, health, and the environment,Health,COVID-19, housing, informal settlements, health, vulnerability

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      This review report is posted on behalf of Istiakh Ahmed.

      This paper has articulated the issue quite well with proper explanation. Housing in informal settlements have always been an important issue to understand liveability of its dwellers. While I do not have any major comments for this paper, but a small point, which I believe will help us to understand the problem clearly and will make the argument strong.

      1. Speaking of Covid19, its safety practices are one important issue that also determine its contamination. Government, NGOs and all other relevant agencies are working to make sure that people follow the hygiene practices. However, poor housing condition and all the mentioned characteristics of the informal settlement housing, it becomes very difficult to maintain those practices. E.g. washing hands frequently is considered as one of the most effective measures for COVID19 but that would require for a dweller to go to the public water station which makes it more dangerous. Similar issues can be explored a little bit to understand how housing pattern/condition are also shaping people’s behavior and how that is effecting COVID19 contamination.


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