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    Review of 'Integrating tsunami risk assessments in development planning: lessons from Western India'

    Integrating tsunami risk assessments in development planning: lessons from Western IndiaCrossref
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    Integrating tsunami risk assessments in development planning: lessons from Western India

    A natural, if idealised, picture of the role of risk assessments in planning sees decision-makers drawing on the risk projections provided by natural and social scientific models and fashioning policies or plans that maximise expected benefit relative to this information. In this paper we draw on our study of the use tsunami science in development planning in Western India to identify ways in which this idealised picture fails to reflect important difficulties encountered by both the science and policy domains, including the representation and communication of scientific uncertainty and the management of this uncertainty within the planning system. We highlight aspects of the management of these uncertainties pose pressing problems and make some suggestions as to how they might be resolved.

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      Urban development,Applied probability & Statistics,General earth science,Epistemology
      development planning,disaster,Statistics,Environmental science,hazard,Environmental policy and practice,risk assessment,modelling,Sustainable and resilient cities,tsunami,India
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      Could have some figures and tables. Sounds like a popular artcile. Primary data collection like KII, FGD, questionnair survey could be there in more elaborate way. 


      Thank you for this review Islam Md. Sirajul. We be trying to turn the article into a commentary piece, as we think it will fit better with the aims of the paper.

      2021-04-01 16:24 UTC

      Review done.

      2020-07-30 18:13 UTC

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